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Free Bird Farm is a certified organic, family farm located in New York’s Mohawk Valley. We specialize in high-quality, fresh produce without synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or fungicides. You can be assured that all of the produce grown on our farm is 100% certified organic. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

USDA Certified Organic

All of the produce grown on our farm is USDA Certified Organic through NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC.


Farm Fresh Eggs

Free Bird Farm’s hens live the good life. They keep busy being outdoors on fresh grass, breathing fresh air, and basking in sunlight. This means the eggs they lay are “pasture-raised,” the gold standard for nutrient-rich, quality, great-testing eggs.

Movable fencing lets us rotate the birds onto fresh grass while keeping predators out. Hen houses built on wheels provide the hens a safe place to lay their eggs, get shelter from the rain, and roost at night. The birds are never treated with antibiotics, hormones or other medications. There are no growth-promoting additives in their feed.

Customers seek out our eggs because of their unbeatable freshness, superior taste and the fact that they’re healthier for you.

Spanish Roja Garlic

Garlic is garlic, right? Nope. Just ask the hundreds of garlic lovers that seek us out every September at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival–one of the largest garlic festivals in the country.

Garlic comes in a dizzying array of varieties. Free Bird Farm grows just one, Spanish Roja. Why? Because it’s just that good; why grow any other? Flavor-wise, Spanish Roja packs a wallop. It’s strong but clean-tasting (not pungent), and it holds for months—a far cry from quick-to-spoil garlic found in supermarkets. No tedious peeling—its skin cracks off in a thick, single layer.

We now sell our Spanish Roja garlic online. Buy for seed or for cooking. Free Bird Farm’s garlic is certified organic—no petro-chemical-based pesticides or synthetic fertilizers applied, ever. No GMOs.

good words. good people.

  • "The Free Bird Farm stand is the first one my wife and I go to at the Farmers Market. We depend on them for superb organic vegetables and the world's best garlic."

    Richard Frumess
    Richard Frumess Kingston
  • “Thanks to Free Bird Farm, we started eating kale BEFORE it was trendy. Seriously, eating fresh, healthful and supremely delicious locally grown produce has done two great things: expanded our food horizons, and reduced our waistlines!"

    Steve Klausner NYC
  • "I love knowing my veggies are grown by people who care so deeply for the land. During a farm visit, Ken explained how they hand­pick beetles off the plants (and feed them to the chickens!) rather than spraying even an approved organic spray. I'm proud to support a diversified family farm that works with such integrity, love, and high standards.­"

    Cara Wolinsky NYC
  • "Working with Free Bird Farm has allowed us to embrace fully the concept of Farm-to-Table by providing our CSA members with incredibly fresh, seasonally-appropriate, delicious tasting vegetables."
    Ruth Yung CSA coordinator, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades 
  • "No vegetables bought in the store taste as delicious as Free Bird farm's. We look forward to the deliveries all winter, especially the spinach, carrots and tomatoes!­"

    Kristen Jastremski Cooperstown
  • "I've been a Free Bird customer for so many years now that I cannot imagine a farmer's market in Kingston without their beautiful organic veggies and free range eggs.  From June through November, shopping at the Free Bird stand is a weekly ritual for me and my family."

    Charlotte Adamis
    Charlotte Adamis Kingston

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