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We are Free Bird Farm.

This is not because we give away free chickens—a wishful-thinking quip we hear occasionally from new and clever customers.

And the farm’s name has nothing to do with Lynrd Skynrd. Though being associated with the band’s 1970s power ballad, “Free Bird,” has never hurt.

It also isn’t a metaphor for being young and carefree. When we started the farm 16 years ago, we were young, yes. Idealistic, of course. Carefree? Neh. We had a woefully dilapidated farm to spruce up and spent our first winter in snowsuits—that was in the farmhouse. We had our work cut out for us.

Our vision was to be a diversified, sustainable farm with pasture-raised birds (chickens)— free to roam about on grass, pecking at bugs and our shoelaces.

Since then, we’ve morphed into a whole lot more than we’d imagined—growing about 50 acres of certified organic vegetables, routing 700 hens around our fields, and serving more than 300 CSA members and a heap of farmers’ market “regulars,” many of whom have become like extended family.

So we’ve become a lot more than a bird farm. But in that process, we’ve developed a diverse flock of followers. And when it comes to enjoying the fruits and vegetables we grow, they can be assured our farm, our crops and our farm records are carefully inspected to maintain our USDA organic certification. Every year. So they, we…YOU...can enjoy our food, care free.



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