Please read the following farm share agreement before submitting your registration:

By submitting my submission, I confirm I am agreeing to become a member of the CSA program for which I am registering.

I understand that:

  • I share both the bounties and risks of the farmer (poor weather, crop failure, flood, drought, and so on);
  • my share will vary from week to week, and there is no guarantee of the exact amount or contents of my share;
  • I am responsible for picking up my share items from my distribution site on the specified day and time window for my chosen site;
  • there are no refunds for missed shares or cancellations;
  • my share registration will be secured once full payment has been submitted;

I agree not to hold Free Bird Farm LLC or anyone acting on the farm’s behalf responsible for damages or injuries sustained as a result of any carelessness or negligence while engaged in any activity or event, including but not limited to the weekly distribution and farm visits held at or coordinated by Free Bird Farm, LLC.

Note From the Farm regarding Vacations or Scheduling Conflicts

If you will be out of town, we suggest you have a friend, relative, or neighbor pick up your share. It’s a great way to show you appreciate someone.

What happens to any produce that is left after a distribution? The good news is that it never ends up in the trash. Each site has its own system for allocating any items left at a distribution. Many sites donate to a food pantry or similar program. Another gives to custodial staff at the site of distribution as a way to thank them for all the hard work they put into helping with unloading the truck and cleaning up.

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