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Master beekeepers from Kutik’s keep hives at Free Bird Farm. The bees’ work as pollinators is critical to successfully growing any flower-producing crop, such as squash, beans, and berries. The sweet tooth share also includes NY-made maple syrup from Buck’s Maple Barn. Fourth-generation dairy farmer Chase Buck started making maple syrup in college. We think it’s important to support longtime farmers like the Kutik’s and young farmers like Chase and his wife Danielle AND keep our members’ cupboards stocked with their great products!

Sweet Tooth Share schedule from the 2019 Season:

  1. June 18: 8 oz jar maple cream, 12 ounces clover honey in BPA-free “bear” squeeze container and 12 ounce glass flask of maple syrup
  2. Aug 5: 1 pint maple syrup, 16 oz jar wildflower honey
  3. Sept. 10: 12 ounce jar creamed honey, 1 pint maple syrup
  4. Oct. 29: 16 ounce jar clover honey, 1 quart maple syrup


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